Sign Letter Track - Middle Dual

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Middle Sign Letter Track for Changeable Letters

Create a personalized sign by combining top and bottom tracks with Middle Dual track. Multiple Middle Dual tracks can be added to provide an adequate amount of room for the desired amount of lettering. This robust track is made to handle versatile signage with durable sign lettering.

Track Installation Instructions


Rigid track is specifically designed and intended for use with Rigid letters only; not with Flexible letters. Rigid letters typically feature "GEMINI" printed on the bottom.

Length Sizes: 

Rigid Track is available in 6", 8' and 10' length.

Installation on Expanding Background Materials | Plastic | PVC

If the surface you are attaching the Pronto Track onto will expand and contract at somewhat the same rate as the plastic track, installation can be done using either rivets or adhesive. Using a chalk line and level, mark the location for your first piece of track. Track can be installed with Pronto Track Rivets or with adhesive installation such as Weld-On #3 or #4.

  • For a rivet installation: drill a hole through the track and background (maximum 8" center to center). To fasten track to 1/8"- 3/16" background, drill .1875 diameter hole (3/16" drill bit). Insert the Pronto rivet, then push the pin to its closed position.
  • For an adhesive installation: Using a syringe or bottle applicator with a thin needle tip, apply a steady line of adhesive, such as WELD-ON #3 or #4, to the back face of the track. Tape in place until adhesive has set up completely

Installation on Non-Expanding Background Materials | Wood | Metal

If the surface you are attaching Pronto Track onto will not expand or contract (ie. wood or metal) at the same rate as the plastic track, we recommend the following installation procedure:

  • Drill or route horizontal oblong or oversized holes in the track.
  • Using a sheet metal screw, because of its squared shoulder; put the screw in the center of the horizontal hole.
  • Do not tighten the screw. Leave it approximately 1/4 to 1/2 turn loose.
  • When all the screws are in the track you should be able to wiggle horizontally a small distance.
  • Now the track is able to expand or contract with temperature changes, and shouldn’t buckle, crack or warp.

See Letter Track Spacing Chart below

Accurate spacing is the key to a good changeable letter system. Refer to the Track spacing chart shown below to determine the total height of your sign. The use of dual middle track automatically spaces the rows and reduces the number of track pieces required. If row spacing needs to be greater use a combination of top and bottom tracks.

Sign Letter Track Spacing Chart