Bumper Decals - Removable Vinyl - As Low as $0.47 each

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Vinyl Removable Bumper Sticker Decals

Vinyl Bumper Sticker Decals, an ideal product for promoting your Community Event, Homecomings, College and University Fraternity, Clubs, Radio Station, political opinion, or your business etc. Our vinyl bumper stickers are printed to your custom design.


Adhesive removable for up to 6 months! .004 White Matte Vinyl Removable Bumper Decals. / Rectangle shape.  / Four color process digital print so any color, logo or photo can be reproduced. For a custom Price Quote, Please call 1-888-953-1111 or Contact Us

OVER / UNDERRUN: Please allow plus or minus 5% with appropriate billing. 


Pricing is based on customer supplying digital ready artwork file. If artwork required add $48 per half hour for custom designing of bumper sticker. Electronic proof is included and would be emailed to you for final approval. 

Made in Canada