Changeable Sign Letter Poles

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Telescoping fiberglass poles that comes in 3 different sizes and depending on the model can adjusts from 6' to 22'8".

Available with 2 cup sizes. The standard 3.75" cup and 2" cups for smaller letters. Pole comes with a standard size 2" suction cup.

Recommended Cup Size

Small 2" Diameter Cup - 4" and 6" condensed letters
Standard 3.75" Diameter Cup - Cup - 6", 8", 10" and 12" letters

Pronto Change Arm Instructions

Your change arm is designed to place flat, rigid, changeable Pronto plastic letters onto a sign face that is built with properly spaced Pronto plastic track.

Extending Pole

The Telescoping Pole can be extended by loosening the black plastic collars.
Twist collar to loosen, pull out pole, re-tighten collar until pole is secure.

Removing Head Assembly

The head assembly consists of a rubber cup, wire and ratchet.
Loosen eye bolt on ratchet to adjust tilt of head assembly. Re-tighten after adjusting.

Place Letters on Sign

1) Hold letter in palm of your hand, face up and press onto suction cup (center cup on letter).
Make sure wire on cup is off to the right or left of the letter. If letter will not stick, wet cup and retry.
Note: Small 3" letters may require use of a small 2"cup. Turn eyebolt holding wire if wire is too tight or lifting edge of suction cup.
2) Raise pole with letter attached, up to sign face. (Use extreme caution. As stated on the pole,
" Do NOT use near any overhead power lines. Do NOT touch pole to any power lines or wires"
3) Slide letter under the lower lip of the top track and drop down until the letter is resting in the bottom track.
4) Gently twist the pole away from the wire to release cup. Move letters from side to side using pole with cup.

Remove Letters from Sign

1) Raise pole using care, as stated above, up to sign face.
2) Press cup onto center of letter that you wish to remove. If letter will not stick, bring down pole and wet suction cup.
3) After sticking cup to letter, raise letter into top track and pull forward until you clear the bottom track.
4) Lower letter to ground and remove by pulling eyelet on the suction cup.


We ship Changeable Sign Letter Poles nation wide across Canada & USA

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