Metal Serial Number Plate

Metal Plates - .024" Brushed Aluminum- 1 to 3 square Inches

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Metal Data Plates are ideal for Serial - Model Number plates | Inventory Control plates | Data plates | Metal Asset Tags | Machine Nameplates | Identification Nameplate | Custom nameplates. Data plates can be fabricated from numerous metal materials

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: .024" Brushed Aluminum Metal Plates / rectangle with square corners. Screen-printed at 76 lpi, no bleed edge. 1 custom PMS color included. Imprint must stay within 3/32" of borders. Hole or Adhesive back Extra.

COLOR CHOICES: Your choice of color imprint. Specify a pantone color and we will match the color.

BLEED EDGE: For bleed edge add 10% to base price.

ADHESIVE BACK: Ask for Quote

HOLES per Plate: Ask for Quote



OVER / UNDERRUN:  Please allow plus or minus 5% with appropriate billing.

OPTIONAL METAL MATERIALS:  Available metal materials for Data Plates... Brushed aluminum, Stainless Steel, Anodized Brushed Aluminum, and Anodized Satin Aluminum.

    ARTWORK: If artwork required add $42 per half hour, electronic proof included.

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    Made in Canada