Magnetic Whiteboards - Porcelain - 24" x 36"

Magnetic Whiteboards - Porcelain - 24" x 36"

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Magnetic Whiteboards fabricated from a durable CeramicSteel Porcelain surface with a 50 year guarantee. Offering the best protection for writing boards. It is made with porcelain on enamel steel surface fired at 1,500 F.  

CeramicSteel Porcelain provides incredible hardness that resists scratches, graffiti, chemicals and the proliferation of bacteria. In the case of extensive spots or shadowing, this surface may be cleaned with more aggressive chemicals in order to restore, it's original gloss and performance.

CeramicSteel Porcelain is also very practical ! It is a magnetic surface that can be use with magnets to post your drawings and documents.

It is highly recommended for schools, universities and any businesses that use the writing board on a daily basis. It's a surface guarantees 50-year-old that represents a long-term investment of choice.

COLOR: White

Made in Canada