6" MoonGlo Letters / Set of 400 Letters ...... @$ 1.19


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One set of 400 change letters. Set includes letters, numbers, dollar and cent symbols.

In order to have a complete installation, you will need filler blanks to block the light from the changable copy background where there are no characters. Be sure to order filler blanks with your character sets.

PANEL HEIGHT: 6 7/8" high /  LETTER IMPRINT HEIGHT: 6" high. Rigid letters should be used with a compatible rigid track system.

DESCRIPTION: Transparent letter with silk screened background. Clear acrylic blanks are precision injection molded to a .080" thickness and silk screened to produce a blacked out panel except for letter. A beveled overlay prevents light from being seen between letters.

Small raised edges on the back prevent the printed ink from being scratched off while being moved around the sign. Feet on the base of each panel keep it from freezing to the track in the winter and from getting stuck on grit or grime trapped inside the track. These premium moonglo letters are silk screened with ecologically sound UV inks. The panels will not warp or blow away under most conditions, do not enclose the panels in any type of vandal proof cover as warping may occur.

Additional Information
  • Shipping Weight: 30lbs
  • Manufactured by: GEMINI