Acrylic Letter Track - Middle Dual 12' long


Products Desciption

    Dual (Middle) - Rigid Sign Letter 8 Foot TrackMiddle Dual Track / Fits between each line of changable sign letters

Want to make your own changeable lettering sign? Order the top track and bottom track, then as many of the middle dual track you need for as many lines of text you would like on your sign.

Installation: Track can be installed with Pronto Track Rivets or with adhesive installation such as Weld-On #3 or #4. 

Length Sizes: Track is available in 8", 10' and 12' length.

Acrylic Track: To be used in moderate climate conditions.

Polycarbonate Track: To be used in harsh climate conditions

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Additional Information
  • Shipping Weight: 15lbs
  • Manufactured by: GEMINI